Accurate coding is a key factor in optimizing appropriate reimbursement while avoiding penalties from external audits. NPS believes that coding is a crucial component to healthy practice operations. Our team is dedicated to nephrology specific coding. Our coding reviews can help you evaluate whether your practice is overcoding or undercoding and coach your team to code and document accurately. Contact me to today to learn how NPS can help your practice code accurately.

—  Coding Supervisor at Nephrology Practice Solutions

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    Why are coding reviews so important?

    Accurate coding is a key factor in optimizing appropriate reimbursement while avoiding penalties from external audits. Medicare and other payors have developed tools to compare individual physician variations from national averages, which allows the payors to focus their audits on physicians that have coding patterns outside the norm. During an audit, the codes you have billed will be compared to the clinical documentation that was recorded in the patients’ charts.

    Why is coding training so important?

    At NPS we believe that coding training is one of the most important pieces of a coding review. We offer specific training for physicians to discuss their current coding practices and how they can be improved to potentially reduce audit risk. Our services can help the practice accurately bill for services provided. The chart below shows the overall improvement of current NPS coding clients after reviews by and training with the NPS team.

    This data is from one of NPS’ clients. NPS does not guarantee that all clients will have similar results.

    Why you should hire NPS to do your coding reviews:

    • Nephrology specific. Our coders and reviewers specialize in nephrology and nephrology-related codes.
    • Years of experience. The NPS coding team has over 10 years of nephrology specific coding experience.
    • Unbiased reviews. NPS identifies opportunities to help clients remain compliant with their coding and documentation.

    • Coding and reviewing expertise. The NPS team conducts over 16,000 coding reviews every year. Our team know these codes in and out and can help your practice code accurately.

    What is included in the coding review and education?

    • Dedicated team of certified coders and reviewers

    • Review of 20 charts containing a mix of hospital and office encounters
    • Comparison of code selection to Medicare guidelines
    • Preparation of a report with key coding components to help physicians identify areas for improvement, including the following:

      • Score of how the coding compares to the documentation—error rates and trends
      • Analysis showing the appropriate code for the encounter and documentation required for a specific code
      • Analysis of the physician’s coding prevalence compared to MGMA benchmark
    • Individual phone/WebEx training available for identified coding deficiencies greater than 15 percent
    • On and off site medical coding training available for practice staff and providers
    • Follow-up reviews as part of on-going feedback system
    • Access to our dedicated team for any coding and billing questions

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