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At NPS we know how hard you work for your patients and your practice, which is why we work to get your practice paid every dollar appropriately due. Our specialized team can help appropriately accelerate payer and patient reimbursement for nephrology practices. Contact us today to learn how NPS can help your practice.

Larry Brodt, Director, Physician Services at Nephrology Practice Solutions

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Do you know if you are getting paid what you’re owed? Is your overhead in line with industry standards? Insights like these are critical to your practice’s success. NPS’ practice assessment can help you to understand how your practice is operating today by comparing it against industry standards and benchmarks. With these results, NPS consultants also provides recommendations for billing and collections improvement, overhead reduction and better operational efficiency. These recommendations allow you to fine-tune your processes and build a more stable and successful medical practice.
To provide you with the greatest insights and recommendations individualized to your practice, nephrology consultants conducts interviews with the physicians as well as your office and billing staff. NPS will provide the following:

  • Overhead Analysis

    • Analyze practice spending, including the following:
      • Occupancy and staffing-related costs
      • Review of accounting records
      • Overhead and staffing ratios
    • Reporting
      • Compare staffing ratios to best practice criteria
      • Analyze occupancy terms and cost
      • Overhead report comparing expenses to revenue/collections against prior periods, industry standards and best practice criteria
    • Provide recommendation/solutions to improve practice cost structure
  • Nephrology Practice Operation Review

    • Workflow analysis
      • Front- and back-end processes
      • Evaluate resource deployment in relation to practice goals
    • Provide recommendation/solutions to improve practice efficiency and effectiveness
  • Revenue Cycle Analysis

    • Review billing and collection process
    • Evaluate collections received
    • Analyze provider coding
    • Compare key metrics and findings to industry standards
    • Identify areas of weakness
    • Provide report outlining contractual vs. actual collections

NPS offers additional services that can be coupled with either our Nephrology Practice Assessment services, or independently contracted. See below.

  • Market Analysis and Strategic Plan Development

    • Analysis of practice service area
    • Develop a strategic plan for growth and identify opportunities for:
      • Increased market share
      • New revenue streams
  • Governance and Long Term Planning

    • Review and/or create practice mission and vision statements
    • Review and/or create a decision-making structure
      • Policy and procedure development
    • Review provider payment and profitability structures
    • Provide recommendations/solutions to improve your business framework

Our experience in consulting with hundreds of physician practices around the country allows us to bring a unique perspective to the physicians we work with. We provide a one-on-one review of your assessment results to help identify any missed opportunities or strategic recommendations to strengthen your practice. If you want help in an area that is not listed here, we can work with you to determine an appropriate approach. Whether you’re looking to improve one aspect of your operations or you want assistance with your nephrology practice management, we can help.

The physicians at Hypertenison & Kidney Specialists have a goal of providing the best possible, state of the art care to our patients. In the current medical climate, it has become increasingly more difficult and challenging to remain independent and self governed. NPS performed a thorough “Practice Assessment” for our group. They compared data from our practice to benchmark data and made sound recommendations. After the assessment by NPS, we have implemented many of the suggestions which will allow us to remain a viable and independent practice moving forward. I would recommend NPS to any practice that shares our goals of quality patient care and independence.

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JAMES A. GROFF, DO, FACOI, Hypertension & Kidney Specialists
Nephrology in the Bronx consisted of 1 and 2 physician practices for so many years that, when we decided to see if we could combine our resources, we were literally unable to determine the first steps. Knowing that combining was the right move, but not knowing how to make the move we enlisted NPS. Kim Vullo, their Vice President came to the Bronx and spent hours with each practice, interviewing all of us individually. Subsequently Kim was able propose a practice concept that has resulted in the incorporation of our new 10 nephrologists, 1 NP group, into Kidney Medical Associates, PLLC. We are still a work in progress, and NPS is still here, guiding us every step of the way. The future remains unknown but, with the guiding hand of NPS, we will be facing it as the largest private practice group in the Bronx.

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DR. ROBERT LYNN, MD, Medical Director, Bronx Dialysis Center