Our Clients On NPS


Hypertension & Kidney Specialists

The physicians at Hypertenison & Kidney Specialists have a goal of providing the best possible, state of the art care to our patients. In the current medical climate, it has become increasingly more difficult and challenging to remain independent and self governed. NPS performed a thorough "Practice Assessment" for our group. They compared data from our practice to benchmark data and made sound recommendations. After the assessment by NPS, we have implemented many of the suggestions which will allow us to remain a viable and independent practice moving forward. I would recommend NPS to any practice that shares our goals of quality patient care and independence.


Medical Director, Bronx Dialysis Center

Nephrology in the Bronx consisted of 1 and 2 physician practices for so many years that, when we decided to see if we could combine our resources, we were literally unable to determine the first steps. Knowing that combining was the right move, but not knowing how to make the move we enlisted NPS. Kim Vullo, their Vice President came to the Bronx and spent hours with each practice, interviewing all of us individually. Subsequently Kim was able propose a practice concept that has resulted in the incorporation of our new 10 nephrologists, 1 NP group, into Kidney Medical Associates, PLLC. We are still a work in progress, and NPS is still here, guiding us every step of the way. The future remains unknown but, with the guiding hand of NPS, we will be facing it as the largest private practice group in the Bronx.


Sumter Nephrology

Unlike the many standard medical practice management services available, NPS management expertise allows me to continuously improve upon the level of service and care I provide while growing my practice and increasing revenue. Instead of productivity in the form of "smoke and mirrors," they address the problems directly. I leave every meeting feeling that my medical practice is firmly set on a course for success. NPS was the right choice for me!