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NPS has put together a collection of videos by our experts about running a nephrology practice. These videos are short but packed with useful information. There are tips on coding, credentialing, recruitment and practice management. Feel free to click the videos below or browse directly on our YouTube channel.

Managing the day-to-day operations of a physician practice has become more complex than ever. You probably have noticed the continual increases in government regulations and overhead expenses, just as reimbursements have decreased. For a medical practice, this can mean that the physicians are working harder and still making less. Administrative activities and paperwork are burdensome tasks that take time away from direct patient care and chip away at your personal time. We want to help your practice work smarter, not harder. NPS offers smart solutions with its practice management services. While we take care of the routine operations of your practice, you can stay focused on your practice’s clinical aspects and growth strategies. You were trained to save lives; we were trained to operate businesses successfully. Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for decades, NPS can help your practice maximize efficiency while keeping you in control.
Maintaining provider credentials is an essential component to a healthy revenue stream. It is a daunting task that, handled inefficiently, can be costly to your practice. Nephrologists often have to be credentialed at multiple hostpitals, multiple dialysis facilities and through many payers. NPS uses a data-management system to organize and maintain your records so required documents can be filed timely and accurately.
This playlist features videos presented by our coding expert Suzanne Leathers. Proper coding and sufficient documentation are crucial to ensure your practice is getting paid for the work you are doing.

Coding is a key factor in optimizing appropriate reimbursement while avoiding penalties from external audits. NPS offers coding review services for nephrology practices.

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